We've had a pretty crazy start to this farming venture. Dylan and I have been experimenting with tapping maples as the woods are full of them. Mum and Dad have been cooking up some of the batches. We enjoyed a number of tasty treats with our own maple syrup. I am sure we have a lot to learn yet. But it is a start.
The Next crop from the woods has been the ramps, the wild garlic! Talus woods is full of them. We got in a few harvests and sold some to locals markets. And we ate the excess, ramp soup, like leek and potato, and in quiches and omlettes! Mum even joked about making ramp custard for dessert.
The weather has been changeable and very wet the last few weeks. Although before that we had a dry spell which we thought might last all summer.
Crops are slow, but growing. Corn is really in it's element here. It truly is the grain of the Americas. I think what they say about watching it grow is true. And I think the broad beans/ favas are attempting to race the corn.
We are in the process of applying for a farm loan and also in the running for a grant for a high tunnel... So fingers crossed it all goes smoothly


06/14/2013 5:56pm

Greetings from Clonduff! Home for Father's Day, showed parents the page, all looks great!

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